About me

Born in Scunthorpe, I remained there until I got married way back when, then moved to Partington near Withernsea before moving to Lancaster where we still ive today.

I have a day job as Office Manager in the Construction Industry and go out evenings and weekends doing my Photography.

I've always been interested in taking "nice" photos, then got challenged by my brother, who is a keen amateur, as he puts it.  He dropped the gaunlet down which was like a red rage to a bull.........and the rest, as they say is history, followed by a steep learning curve and realising what I didn't know.

Enter 2015 and here we go.

As my interest grew I was fortunate to be able to upgrade my camera equipment so currently enjoy using the Canon 70D with both a Canon 70/200mm F2.8 mk2 and 100/400 F4 mk 2 along withthe Canon Macro, wide and super wide lenses.  I also use the Lee Filter system and Gitzo GT3542 Muntaineer Tripod with a Manfrotto Geared head, but also have the Gimble head for wildlife if I can prise it off my husbands kit.

As I am self taught, I have picked the brains of other photographers I have met (to which I give thanks) and in the early days followed in their steps to see what they saw and why to gain a better understanding of landscapes and lighting.  Then one day, before it really dawned on me that I was the one seeing and taking the shot, my own shots.  I do still love to see other people's work and see where they have been as it shows my what is out there in other areas.

Quality of light plays the most important role in Photography and we rely on the elements when out and about, but you must expect the unexpected and deal with whatever is thrown at you.

The old adage says "Patience is a Virtue" is no understatement, but a reality for this kind of work, as hours can pass by just watching, waiting and reacting to changing conditions to capture that one fleeting moment in time.


Hopefully my images capture that moment through my eyes, the mood and emotion felt at the time the shutter went down and is passed onto you, the viewer and into memory